Gunnison, Colorado -

“Gunnison Rising” is a master-planned, mixed-use community located in the City of Gunnison, Colorado, a historic mining community which has evolved into an established college and recreational town.  Gunnison Rising’s Master Plan is completed and approval of its 633-acre planned unit development (PUD) annexation and zoning permit was completed in December, 2009.  Gunnison Rising’s 1,245 acres is most easily divisible into three parcels:  North Parcel (833 acres), South Parcel (191 acres), and East Parcel (221 acres).

Gunnison Rising is located at the east entrance to the City of Gunnison at 7,700 feet elevation and is bisected by the east-west U.S. Highway 50.  It is centrally located in the State of Colorado on the western slope of the continental divide—only 200 driving miles from Denver (3 to 4 hours from the Front Range by car), 165 miles from Colorado Springs, and just minutes from Gunnison/Crested Butte Regional Airport.  Gunnison Rising provides a winning combination through its intellectual and cultural influence from Western State College, abutting the western border of Gunnison Rising, and unusual recreational amenities of approximately 8 miles of public trail and the adjoining Tomichi Creek corridor, which contains 4-1/2 miles and 458 acres of fishing, water fowl and wildlife plus attractive open space. 


Gunnison Rising is a mecca for the outdoorsman and traveler.  The “West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway” provides scenic immersion into the history and culture of western Colorado, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison—one of the newest national parks in the United States—is only 60 miles from Gunnison, offers a unique and spectacular landscape.  In the winter, Gunnison Rising is a ski suburb.  Gunnison Rising’s next door neighbor is Crested Butte mountain resort at only 30 miles away, 42 miles from Monarch, and a convenient weekend drive to Breckenridge Resort at 138 miles, 161 miles to Vail, and 146 miles to Aspen.  In the spring/summer, it boasts miles of mountain and meadow trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.  Gunnison Rising is surrounded by 2 million acres of combined BLM, State and Forest Service lands; 85% of Gunnison County is government-owned lands; and its entry monument is the lush Tomichi Creek corridor with its prevalent wildlife of elk, deer, and water fowl.  Gunnison Rising abuts Western State College, a 4-year, fully-accredited undergraduate institution, and at its southwestern border is the Gunnison/Crested Butte Regional Airport.  Gunnison County’s other attractions include:  wildflower festivals, an artists’ colony, mountain biking, rock climbing, hunting, golfing, camping, whitewater rafting, parasailing, kayaking, and boating.  Historically, Gunnison County has had a national reputation for high-quality trout fishing for over 100 years, with over 2,500 miles of trout streams.  The three Aspinall Unit reservoirs, which were constructed in the mid-1960s and produce approximately one million visitor days, include Blue Mesa Reservoir (Colorado’s largest body of water), and is only 5 miles away from Gunnison Rising.  



The Master Plan, annexation, and PUD zoning are complete for the 633-acre application for the project.  The PUD allows for 734 residential units, a 350-unit RV resort, commercial land uses, and a business and research park.  A 9-acre parcel is being donated to the Colorado Division of Wildlife for its Regional Headquarters, now being moved to the City of Gunnison.  (See “Land Use” section below for more details)

DEVELOPMENT – Proposed Master Plan

Land Use

Gunnison Rising’s 1,245 acres is divided into three distinct parcels separated by Highway 50—the North, South, and East Parcels.  Developer has completed the annexation of 633 acres: 

406 acres—North Parcel
187 acres—South Parcel
  40 acres—CDOT roadway and other contiguous parcels

Most of the potential 734 residential units are planned for the North Parcel, while the South Parcel contains the RV Resort, a business park, and commercial land for a proposed travel plaza. The 18-acre "Gov" zone will house the regional headquarters for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Each parcel has its own focus and function as described below and is phased to provide maximum economic value and orderly infrastructure development and future build-out.   


The North Parcel is 833 acres located north of Hwy. 50, of which 411 acres are annexed and zoned for residential and commercial mixed use.  The northerly 422 acres of open space are not being annexed into the City and contain the widely popular Contour Trail and many prehistoric cultural sites.



The 191-acre South Parcel is located south of Hwy. 50, adjacent to the Museum and the Gunnison/Crested Butte Airport.  This area of development includes the existing I-Bar western pavilion and equestrian meadow, the proposed travel plaza, a 350-unit RV resort, and the 27.5-acre business and research park.  A 9-acre parcel (out of 17 acres) is being donated to the Colorado Department of Wildlife (CDOW) for their Regional Headquarters to be moved to the City of Gunnison.

Directly adjacent to Gunnnison Rising and south of Hwy. 50, is the Tomichi Creek corridor—250 acres of abundant fish and wildlife and owned by the Colorado Division of Wildlife as part of the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program.



This 221-acre East Parcel is located southeast of Hwy. 50.  Pending application and approval by the City, land uses are anticipated to include both residential in the western portion and industrial in the eastern end of the parcel adjacent to the Signal Peak Industrial Park.  

Parks, Trails and Schools

Over 8 miles of public trails are being provided and will tie into the City of Gunnison’s existing, extensive trail system to provide access to both Western State College and the government-owned lands surrounding the project.  A 10-acre site is allocated for the school district, and nearly 30 acres of land are being set aside for parks.