Colorado Springs, Colorado -

Courtyards at Woodmen Hills includes 65 finished residential lots.  The lots are designed for entry level housing, with 50’ fronts and average depths of 75’.  The lots are situated in hammerhead cul-de-sacs with 7 lots on each street, 2 on each side of the street and 3 lots at the end of the cul-de-sac.  The neighborhood also includes 153 lots which are not part of our ownership, and which are not developed. The project has a ¼ mile landscaped exposure along the north side of the Woodmen Road frontage road, including 2 access points. 

Significant retail build-out surrounds the project on the south sides of the Woodmen Road/Meridian Road intersection.  WalMart, Safeway, several fast food restaurants, banks and other retail establishments are  just on the other corners of Woodmen & Meridian in close proximity to  Courtyards.  With the rapid expansion of Colorado Springs’ northeastern boundary, along the recently expanded Woodmen Road, hospitals, car dealers and more services are conveniently located close to Courtyards.  The Powers Boulevard employment/retail corridor provides easy access to shopping, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs Airport and the growing east side of Colorado Springs.

The project is located in the Falcon area, east of Colorado Springs, at the intersection of Meridian Road and East Woodmen Road

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