Company Overview

After 5 years as a salesman, Steve Schuck founded The Schuck Corporation in 1969--quickly building it into the largest commercial brokerage operation in the Pikes Peak Region. Over the next 25 years, Schuck expanded into development, both in Colorado Springs and Phoenix. Bill Schuck took over day-to-day operations of the family-owned company in 1996, focusing on residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use land projects in Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, and other high growth markets.  During its over 40-plus years of history, The Schuck Corporation has created over 50 joint ventures and partnerships that have developed over 5,000 luxury, custom, and popularly priced residential home sites, and over 10,000 acres of mixed-use projects.

As CEO, Bill Schuck has taken The Schuck Corporation into new markets, creating new products to meet and satisfy increasingly demanding client needs. The Schuck Corporation is proud of the blend and quality of the leadership which Bill and Steve provide in business as well as in community and civic activities.

What are the threads of consistency that brings success to a Schuck project?

  • Responsiveness:  The greatest rewards come with single-minded focus and the courage to operate in a consistently pro-active mode.
  • Flexibility:  A primary organizational trait as well as the key to successfully adapting to an everchanging marketplace.
  • Innovation:  Most ingenious ideas present themselves when obvious solutions are set aside.
  • Credibility:  There is no substitute for experience and no shortcut to accomplishment. The Schuck Corporation’s dedication to fairness, honesty and competence has resulted in an enviable reputation in both the private and the public sectors.

Schuck often takes a counter-cyclical approach to buying and selling real estate, thereby producing the greatest rewards for its owners.  Seasoned entrepreneurs will recognize the technique and appreciate the keen sensitivity that successful application of this approach demands.  Successfully tapping today’s remarkable real estate opportunities is a complex undertaking.  Strategies must reflect the constant changes in the marketplace.  Decisions must be made quickly.  Experience is essential. 


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                MISSION STATEMENT

We are a team of proven and market-driven professionals constantly challenging ourselves to find new and better ways to create superior communities to serve individuals and businesses--doing so with integrity.  We generate superior results for our customers, our associates, the communities in which we develop, and for our owners.  We seek strategic alliances with those whose strengths compliment ours in an effort to maximize our competitiveness and the value we add to our communities.  We pursue an ever-improving and diversified portfolio of development opportunities and investment properties in selected markets which balance risk, liquidity, stability yield, and growth.  We maintain an exciting work environment characterized by mutual trust, respect, and personal growth in a culture where excellence is expected, achievement is rewarded, and our values are advanced.  We reward leadership and support to our nation, our community, and to our industry.